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Guest Contributors are experts in their fields and share their expertise with the Samahra App Community in our daily content. 


Materials from guest contributors advance our understanding of racial identity development, provide tips and tricks for our families to stay healthy, well, and safe, and to overcome challenges that we may encounter. Specific topics include: conflict management, privilege, supporting our kids in the education system, adverse childhood events, and intergenerational trauma.

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Diedre Anthony

Diedre Anthony is a school counselor, farmer's wife, and mother to four biracial children. She resides in South Georgia, but was raised on an Air force base by Jamaican parents. 


On her blog, she dives deep on topics such as race, diversity, curly hair, and motherhood. She also runs a thriving community group on Facebook for multiracial families. 

Are Those your Kids? Blog

Are Those Your Kids? Facebook Group

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Dr. Bre Gentile

Dr. Bre Gentile, better known as Dr. G, is the founder of Dr. G's Lab, a full-stack, trauma-informed UX consultancy. A psychologist who grew up to be a UX researcher, Dr. G's expertise is in conversational design and participatory research with youth. She's a proud, multi-racial woman raising raising her two multiracial boys in San Francisco with her Italian husband. 

Paul Ladipo

Paul headshot_2.JPG

Paul has a combined ten years of experience in academia, non-profits, and faith communities, becoming well-versed in the DEI challenges and needs of each sector. In higher ed, he has facilitated bystander intervention and sexual misconduct trainings with athletic teams, discussed systemic racism with faculty, and led full-day workshops on building inclusive cultures with student leaders. For non-profits, Paul has developed curriculum to center the needs of persons with disabilities, survivors of intimate partner violence, and survivors of sexual assault. Within faith communities, he has given presentations and led discussions on breaking racial barriers to create multi-ethnic ministries.

Critical Conversations Consulting


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Raina LaGrand

Raina LaGrand (she/her) is a Mixed (Black and white), Queer, somatic trauma therapist living on Anishinaabeg land (Ypsilanti, MI). In her practice she helps Mixed race people and interracial couples embody their identities with confidence and build relationships where they can be their full Selves. Raina is also a writer and speaker. Raina's work is informed by her background in trauma treatment, her experience as a yoga teacher and practitioner, radical Black feminism, and practices in decolonizing psychotherapy.

Root to Rise Somatics

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Michelle Tijerina

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Michelle Tijerina is the Child & Family Community Coordinator and Supervisor for the Voz y Corazón Suicide Prevention Program at WellPower in Denver, Colorado.  Michelle is a 2 Spirit, Gay/Lesbian Indigenous/Latinx Mental Health Professional, who has worked in the mental health field for 23 years.

As the first Child & Family Community Coordinator for WellPower, Michelle created and facilitated countless workshops and community-based trainings on mental health wellbeing for parents, youth, and various community systems. It was during this time that Michelle also worked as a nationally certified Mental Health First Aid Trainer, while connecting families to culturally responsive mental health and social services.

The Voz y Corazón Suicide Prevention Program, is a community-based youth support program that uses art, group mentoring, and a suicide prevention training to help teens and young adults build their own communities, develop healthy identities, and help intervene in situations where other youth are at risk of suicide.

Having proudly served the Colorado community for decades, as a Residential Treatment Counselor, Clinical Case Manager, Co-Founder of A New Day Family Resource Center, and the Child & Family Community Coordinator, Michelle looks forward to serving youth and families of all backgrounds for decades to come.

Voz y Corazón

Mental Health First Aid

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