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Samahra's Co-Founder and CEO is the mom of two amazing multiracial kids. Even before they were born, Lynn and her husband pondered how they could best support their children's identity development so they would find joy, love, and connection to the cultures and races of their ancestors. 

As a PhD trained researcher, Lynn explored the academic literature, read every book she could get her hands on, and searched the web for resources. When she was underwhelmed by the variety and dynamics, she reached out to friends and family who are raising multiracial children, but learned that they, too, were not finding the type of support they were looking for that was dedicated to the nuance and beautiful complexity that is multiracial identity formation. While there were some helpful resources, it turned out there was a major gap in support for parents of multiracial kids. This is how the samahra mobile app was born.

Samahra supports parents of multiracial kids through daily reading, reflection, and connection with other parents. Multiracial teens are supported in their own unique app environment with messages of affirmation, validation, and guidance from multiracial adults, in addition to connection with other mixed teens.

The team has devoted a profound amount of time and love to create an app environment that is engaging, informative, and supportive for all users. We center our work on multiracial joy; celebrating multiracial/multiethnic/multicultural identities, and the love we have for our families, friends, and communities. 

Available for download!

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