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Multiracial identity formation is nuanced and complex. We are here to help. 



Our app offers daily reading to understand the factors that impact racial identity formation, the history which has created a system where our multiracial families are overlooked, and an array of topics relevant to raising your happy, confident, and thriving multiracial kids. Our evidence-based system was created to help you better understand the complexity of how our children navigate the world and prepare them for how the world may perceive them.


Theory into Practice

As you build upon your understanding and lived experiences, the app offers thoughtful and action-oriented reflection questions to explore how you impact and influence the racial identity formation process for your child. We help guide you to create safe spaces for difficult conversations around race, belonging, and identity with your family. 


We are in this together

While our multiracial families live, work, and play in communities across the United States, it is often difficult to find opportunities to authentically connect. We have created both a facilitated and organic space to connect with other parents of multiracial kids, learn from one another, and find camaraderie in our experiences.


Our kids should not feel alone in their multiracial identity, and we parents should not feel alone in trying to do better for our families.


Our app provides a comprehensive set of resources for your own exploration. We have a curated list of exceptional podcasts, books, websites, and articles for you to learn more and find what works for you!

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