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20 Conversations Prompts to Get You and Your Partner Talking about Culture

Our team at Samahra is working to integrate conversation prompts into the app to ignite meaningful conversations with your family about culture, heritage, identity, power, and privilege. Below are 20 prompts you can start using today with your partner to better understand their perspectives and identify important similarities and differences that can inform how you parent your mixed race kids.

  • How would you define your cultural background, and what aspects of it do you find most meaningful?

  • What traditions or customs from your culture do you enjoy participating in or learning about?

  • Are there any specific foods or dishes that are important in your culture? Can we try cooking or experiencing them together?

  • What holidays or celebrations hold significance in your culture, and how do you typically observe them?

  • Can you share any interesting stories or folklore from your culture that you find intriguing or impactful?

  • Are there any unique art forms, music, or dance styles associated with your culture that you appreciate or would like to explore further?

  • How has your cultural background shaped your values, beliefs, and perspectives on life?

  • Have you encountered any challenges or stereotypes based on your cultural identity? How have you navigated those experiences?

  • Are there any historical figures or events from your culture that have inspired you or that you find fascinating?

  • Are there any cultural practices or customs from your background that you would like to preserve or pass on to our kids?

  • Have you had the opportunity to visit your cultural homeland or connect with relatives who still live there? How has that experience influenced your understanding of who you are?

  • Are there any languages or dialects associated with your culture that you speak or would like to learn? Are there any phrases that you heard often as a kid?

  • How do you feel your cultural identity intersects with your identity as an individual? Do you feel a strong connection to your cultural heritage?

  • Have you ever participated in community events or gatherings that celebrate your culture? If so, what was that like?

  • Are there any cultural artifacts, symbols, or clothing that hold personal significance to you? What do they represent?

  • How do you navigate the balance between preserving your cultural traditions and integrating into the larger society around you?

  • Are there any specific cultural values or principles that you prioritize in your life, and how do they shape your decision-making process?

  • Have you ever experienced a cultural exchange or been exposed to a different culture that was new to you? How did that experience impact your perspective?

  • Do you feel a responsibility to educate others about your culture or challenge misconceptions? How about for our kids?

  • In what ways do you envision incorporating aspects of your culture into our shared life together? How can I support you?

Join the Samahra Community (we have a free version!) to access more information and resources about multiracial identity formation and supporting our incredible multiracial kids.

Photo by Suzana Sousa on Unsplash

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