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Celebrating the intersection of our mixed race identities

 Now Available!!

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Samahra(rise) was created by mixed teens for mixed teens.

Our app is fun, inclusive, empowering, affirming, supportive, and positive.

We celebrate our differences and similarities with daily affirmations & creative prompts, reflect on our multicultural experiences, and connect with other multicultural teens. We work to advance justice and make the world a better place. 

We are powerful as individuals and as a community. Together, we rise. 
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Our Youth Advisory Council

Our Council is comprised of eight amazingly thoughtful and talented multiracial teens from Colorado and California who are passionate about supporting and celebrating multiracial identities.

They are the decision-makers on all things related to samahra(rise).

Our Youth Advisory Council meets virtually once a month and engages in weekly reflection and brainstorming to optimize app features, content, and user experience. 

We cannot wait for you to join us in the samahra(rise) app! 

We are already planning new features for Version 2!!

"I like Samahra because it's creating something that hasn't been done before for multiracial/cultural people. The whole team is amazing and it feels like I'm really making a difference by being a part of it!"
- Alivia

"Samahra has helped me grow, and I have become more connected to my multiracial identity and family roots. I feel safe, seen, and supported working on the youth council. It is empowering to work for Samahra, aiding my community and others."  
- Saydee

"There are no boxes to check off to belong in Samahra, we are a community that accepts every piece of you."   
- Joycelynn 

"A fully functional multiracial society cannot be achieved without a sense of history, and open, honest dialogue."
- Dr. Cornel West contributed by RJ

We are seeking words of wisdom from multiracial adults to share with multiracial teens.
What wisdom would you share with teenage you?

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